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Starting the Day (Ruth’s SOLS 2/31)

It begins still and dark, then beeps and stretches. Shower running, light streaming in from the bathroom, I know my time is running short. He comes close and kisses my forehead, "Are you getting up today?" he asks, same as always. Then he's gone. My shower is warm. Later, waiting on the sink, next to… Continue reading Starting the Day (Ruth’s SOLS 2/31)

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Hello March! (Ruth’s Slice of Life)

Hello March: I'm glad you're here -- even though you are filled with blustery weather and even a bit of snow, I've been waiting for you.  Waiting for the hope that is in the crisp blue of your skies and in the new green of your buds.  I'm waiting for the bursts of sunshine which… Continue reading Hello March! (Ruth’s Slice of Life)

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Ruth’s SOLS: Keep You Forever Hug.

I am fortunate for so many reasons, but for today's slice it is because I get to be a mom. Just like every morning I gave Sam and Stephanie, Mom and Dad hugs good bye.  I fed the dog an exorbitant amount of puppy treats and I grabbed my tea-to-go.  Unlike every other morning, Sam and… Continue reading Ruth’s SOLS: Keep You Forever Hug.

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Ruth’s SOLS: Driving.

I spend a lot of time in the car.   Not only do I drive fifty minutes to get to the school where I'm currently working, but I also drive during the day, between schools.  Not to mention driving home and then any extra that happens in the evenings.  (Though I must admit, once home, it's… Continue reading Ruth’s SOLS: Driving.

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Why Memoir Monday?

When I giggle at my goal as a fifth grader to write a story a day, collecting thick purple folders of words and pictures, stapled into books, I remember the process of learning to live a creative life.  It was then that I realized the more I wrote, the more I had to write.  The more… Continue reading Why Memoir Monday?

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Slice of Life: Conferring

There's a kid in my class that I'm continually impressed by.  His answers are straight-out honest and typically thoughtful.  He participates, even though at first glance I didn't think he would.  And yesterday he asked me to help him with the dialogue in his writing. "I took your advice and worked in some dialogue in… Continue reading Slice of Life: Conferring

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Ruth’s SOLS: The Morning.

About a year ago I recorded our bedtime routine -- I should do that again, considering there's two extra kids in on the gig.  It's funny, though, how much of it is still the same.   I was thinking on the way to work today that I should record the morning routine.  I don't have photos… Continue reading Ruth’s SOLS: The Morning.

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Ruth’s Slice of Life: 5:23 am

Each morning, near 5:20 am, I am reflecting on my daily bible reading and devotions.  A hot cup of tea keeps my frigid hands warm.  I am completely ready for the day -- skirt; make up; bags packed -- savoring the quiet moments before it is full throttle.  Today at 5:23 little feet patter down… Continue reading Ruth’s Slice of Life: 5:23 am

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Ruth’s Memoir Monday: Thanksgiving

Growing up, we traveled deep into the hills of the Ozarks in Arkansas for Thanksgiving dinner with my grandparents.  We used to sing, "Through the river and over the hills to Grandma's house we go," since we actually drove through a creek and traversed over mountains to get to our Thanksgiving feast. This year, my… Continue reading Ruth’s Memoir Monday: Thanksgiving

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Response PLEASE!

I was asked to submit  a piece of writing for a little newsletter the All-Write Consortium is putting together.  The focuse for this issue is Why Workshop?  So I refined a poem that I think fits with the theme.  I would love some feedback before I submit it.  Here are some questions I have: Do… Continue reading Response PLEASE!

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Ruth’s SOLS: Shopping Fools.

On Saturday morning the little guy wanted to join me on some errands.  I relented.  Even though I was looking forward to some time alone, just browsing through stores, I chose him instead.   I told myself, Someday you'll have plenty of time to browse through stores, but you won't always have a little boy who… Continue reading Ruth’s SOLS: Shopping Fools.

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Ruth’s SOLS: Good Mail.

It's unexpected time alone right now.  I was headed off to grab my laptop in order to get some work done and not be sucked into the blog world.  On the way, I stumbled across the pile of today's mail.  Sticking out was a manila envelope with just an "R" visible, written in the black… Continue reading Ruth’s SOLS: Good Mail.