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Ruth’s Slice of Life: 5:23 am

Slice of Life
Slice of Life

Each morning, near 5:20 am, I am reflecting on my daily bible reading and devotions.  A hot cup of tea keeps my frigid hands warm.  I am completely ready for the day — skirt; make up; bags packed — savoring the quiet moments before it is full throttle. 

Today at 5:23 little feet patter down the stairs.  Good morning hugs and she is off to get dressed and face the day.  5:24 a little voice sweeps down the stairs, Momma I need you.  More morning hugs.  5:27 I’m attacked by the first grader — fully dressed (including shoes, mind you) — with still more hugs.  Three young children, bright eyed, ready to start the day before 6 am.  Perhaps they need a later bedtime.

Somewhere deep inside of me I am reminded that this is better than those sweet serene moments that are suppose to start the day.  I am reminded to oppress my selfish attitude — who am I to need time alone?  I am reminded that these sweet days are numbered.  Someday, not too far away, mornings will be a time of having to get up and wanting to stay in bed and rushing — I can’t even begin to imagine a morning routine involving three teenagers.  I don’t have to today, because today we even had time to snuggle with a book.

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  1. 5:30 can be your time soon enough. Something tells me that you will never be the person who can or want to sleep late. For me, 5:30 is an absolutely delicious time to get up and be writing…


  2. Kids awake at 5:30am—wow. When I was younger I couldn’t drag myself up before 8.
    what a wonderful moment you have captured in your words.
    Thank you for reminding us to really take it those small moments we have with others.


  3. 5:30 a.m., and you still can’t get alone time. WOW! I used to get morning reading time with my grandma because we waited for the bus at her house. It was my favourite part of the day.


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