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Ruth’s SOLS: Keep You Forever Hug.

I am fortunate for so many reasons, but for today’s slice it is because I get to be a mom.

Just like every morning I gave Sam and Stephanie, Mom and Dad hugs good bye.  I fed the dog an exorbitant amount of puppy treats and I grabbed my tea-to-go.  Unlike every other morning, Sam and Steph were playing in another room, instead of the kitchen.  Unlike every other morning, I remembered a tale to tell Mom and Dad after the hug round.  So we stood in the kitchen chatting for another few minutes.  The story ended, we said good bye, and I scooted out the door. 

Just opening my car door, I hear the wails.  “Ruth, come back,” my mom calls after me, “He wants a hug.”

Sam peeked his red, tear-streaked face out the door.  “Momma, I need a hug,” he managed to get out between deep breaths which come from crying too hard.

I sweep him up, hold him close, and whisper in his ear, “We hugged, remember?  I’d never leave without hugging you.”

“I know,” he said, snuggling even closer, “But I needed a keep-you-forever hug.”

I hug him.  He hugs me.  I smell in his sweet little boy scent.  He pats my back.  I don’t let go.  He doesn’t let go.  I relish the keep-you-forever hug — created by him, based on the phrase he uses every night when we say good night:  Momma, I’m gonna keep you forever.    I remember how fortunate I am.  And promise never to forget how precious and powerful a keep-you-forever hug is.

4 thoughts on “Ruth’s SOLS: Keep You Forever Hug.

  1. This is lovely. I have to say, my nephew is a teenager now, but he still likes his keep-you-forever hugs, and I am more than happy to give and receive them. He’s not even shy about hugging is goofy old aunt in front of his friends. That is surely some kind of miracle!


  2. Oh, how I wish now I, as a young mother, had the wisdom and foresight to have taken the time to capture those warm and blessed moments! You have given yourself (and that sweet little boy) such a lovely and wise gift that will be even more precious in about twenty years. But I suspect you already know that, being so wise and all. May rich blessings abound daily…along with the moments to capture them in writing.


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