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Ruth’s SOLS: The Morning.

About a year ago I recorded our bedtime routine — I should do that again, considering there’s two extra kids in on the gig.  It’s funny, though, how much of it is still the same.   I was thinking on the way to work today that I should record the morning routine.  I don’t have photos of it, and perhaps one day — when I can risk the extra time that the added element of a camera would add — I’ll document it.

So here’s a peek into a school day morning in my little corner of the world . . .

The Goal:  To be out the door by 6:15.

The Procedure:

  1. Wake up to the alarm at 4:45.
  2. Walk and Stretch.
  3. Shower and get ready for the day.
  4. Dear husband brings me a perfect cup of hot tea, which I enjoy while putting on make up.
  5. Pack lunch and lay out boots; coats; hats; mittens for the youngest two.
  6. A deep breath and a few minutes of quiet time, with a some Bible verses tucked in.
  7. The hall light is flipped on at six o’clock.
  8. The little guy’s gate is popped, I float a “Good Morning” through the air to the nearly three year old who is sitting up in bed, smiling.  I wonder if he hears me coming each morning.
  9. The middle’s door is open, “Good morning,” I whisper, kissing her forehead.  Her eyes still closed, she sits up, encircling my neck in a much-too-tight-hug.  “Want help getting dressed?”   We each fall into our roles in a effortless way.  Within a minute she is dressed, her eyes are somewhat opened,  and she is headed to the bathroom.  “Good Morning, Sis,” he calls to her.
  10. I pick up the little guy and he snuggles into my shoulder.  I breathe in the sweet smell of his baby soap from last night’s bath.  He stretches on his bed, while I reach for his clothes.
  11. The minute his socks are on he grabs Ducky and dashes out his room, through the hall he reaches max speed, and down the stairs jumping the last four.  He is after the last drops of perfect tea.  Like every other day, it is sitting on the edge of the counter just for him.
  12. I quickly help the middle brush her hair, she grabs Laney and heads downstairs for shoes.
  13. I wake up the oldest.  Another sweet, cuddley hug.  The little guy is back upstairs, giving her a hug too.  We put her clothes on her pillow and head out.  “Bing,” calls the little guy as I flip on her light.
  14. Boots, gloves, hats, coats, backpacks are piled on.
  15. The high school girl who stays with the oldest arrives (maybe . . . if she hasn’t overslept); the cat comes in with her.  The little guy captures the cat.  The middle opens the door.  He tosses the cat outside.  Sometimes the cat lands on her feet.
  16. More hugs and good byes and a quick prayer and have a good day tumble out as we make our way out the door.

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