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When Writing Feels Right: Exalting Choice and Purpose in Workshop

When writers feel empowered to write for their own personal catharsis, it matters. When writers know they will have the opportunity to strengthen their writing alongside peers, it matters. When writers have greater degrees of choice around topic and genre, it matters. And when, at times, there’s a wider audience for writing, beyond classroom walls or the teacher’s eyes alone, there is often deeper motivation.

Wonder Woman in a Cardigan: The Librarian Who Changed My Life

Lydia M. Sigwarth and her childhood librarian, Deb Stephenson, have created five tips for finding the best ways for libraries and librarians to be a safe haven for disenfranchised children. Check out their tips and then leave a comment on Lydia’s guest blog post for a chance to win a copy of her debut picture book, DEAR LIBRARIAN.

Entry Points to Get Students Writing in Their Writer’s Notebook: Our Favorite Things

It takes more than a new writer’s notebook and preferred writing utensils to get kids writing! Teaching students a variety of strategies to generate writing in their notebooks is helpful if we want them to view their writer’s notebooks as both a workbench and a playground.