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Morning Meeting Ideas + a Giveaway

Several years ago, I took a graduate course entitled "Literature for Older Children" with Kathy Brody, who was a former classroom teacher.  Brody, who was trained in the Responsive Classroom approach, wanted to share her passion for Responsive Classroom with her graduate students.  Therefore, she taught us about one of the most important pillars of… Continue reading Morning Meeting Ideas + a Giveaway

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Sharing (at Morning Meeting)

I spent the first few weeks of school modeling how to share during "Share Time" at Morning Meeting. I did this so that my students would have a greater sense of how I expect sharing to look. Every Wednesday, the share theme revolves around the Writer's Notebook. Every now and then I stick in an… Continue reading Sharing (at Morning Meeting)

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P.F.: Getting to Know the Teacher

Where I'm From with notes Originally uploaded by teachergal When my former students and I published DEAL WITH IT! Powerful Words from Smart, Young Women in 2007, we decided to write "Where I'm From Poems" by George Ella Lyon in lieu of short paragraphs about each one of us. At the start of the 2007-08… Continue reading P.F.: Getting to Know the Teacher

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Sharing in Writing Workshop

I just received a mailing from my school over the weekend with our summer professional reading. There's an excerpt from The Art of Teaching Reading, as well as a copy of Leah Mermelstein's book Don't Forget to Share: The Crucial Last Step in the Writing Workshop. I'll probably start the book later this week, but,… Continue reading Sharing in Writing Workshop

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Eight Slice of My Life –> Sharing With My Students

This will be the cover page for the eight slice of life stories I wrote this past week. I'm going to be sharing them with my students so that they, too, can take part in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. (I'm going to discuss this during the News & Announcements Part of our… Continue reading Eight Slice of My Life –> Sharing With My Students

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News & Announcements Chart

Each and every Sunday I create my News & Announcements Charts for the week (i.e., for Morning Meeting). I just created one that I really like for this-coming Friday. It looks like this: The #1 reason I like this chart is because of the geography tie-in. (Just thought of doing this since I recently purchased… Continue reading News & Announcements Chart

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Poetry Friday: Hard Launch

I did a soft launch of Poetry Friday in my classroom starting in the last week of September. However, I'm ready to do a hard launch of Poetry Friday this Friday. This is the chart I created: News and Announcements Chart for Oct. 26th, 2007, originally uploaded by teachergal. This is the first time I'm… Continue reading Poetry Friday: Hard Launch

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My Writing Teacher Goals

Angela Redden got me thinking about all of my goals for the upcoming school year. I thought this would be a brilliant place for me to articulate my writerly goals, so here goes. 1. To streamline my conference record-keeping for Writing Workshop. (My Reading Conference notes have always been great, but for some reason I… Continue reading My Writing Teacher Goals