My Writing Teacher Goals

Angela Redden got me thinking about all of my goals for the upcoming school year. I thought this would be a brilliant place for me to articulate my writerly goals, so here goes.

1. To streamline my conference record-keeping for Writing Workshop. (My Reading Conference notes have always been great, but for some reason I cannot seem to invent the perfect tool for keeping track of conferences. I pitched an idea to ReallyGoodStuff, but I’ve yet to hear back from their product designers. Manufacturing it myself would be way too expensive!)
2. I want to have at least one student share a piece of his/her notebook writing daily at Morning Meeting. (Wouldn’t this be a lovely “share” daily?) I will include myself in each “share cycle.”
3. I hope to make publishing parties more about the publishing and less about the party. (No more chips and soda this year.)

I think that’s enough in terms of writing goals.

What do you hope to accomplish this year as a teacher of writing?