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GUEST BLOG POST: Writer’s Notebooks: Traveling as a Pathway to Writing More (for You!)

Sarah Mulhern Gross has been a middle school language arts teacher and currently teaches 9th and 12th grade English.  She has a keen interest in young adult fiction and nonfiction and strives to connect her students with authors outside the classroom.  Her classroom library holds over 1,000 books which she lends out to students and… Continue reading GUEST BLOG POST: Writer’s Notebooks: Traveling as a Pathway to Writing More (for You!)

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Notebooks: What Kind? Division of Sections?

Ro asked: I’m thinking about my launching unit for W.W and writer’s notebooks. Do you have kids section off their notebooks for minilessons/charts or do you leave it up to them? Last year I didn’t have students do this for writing but I did have them do it for reading. I’m interested to hear your… Continue reading Notebooks: What Kind? Division of Sections?

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Writerly Matters

Kelly at Big A little a has some wonderful blogging about the topic of "writerly matters." Do check it out if you want to do some more thinking about the 'basics' I've sometimes neglected, in the past as a teacher of writing. I've grown to think more about it with each passing year by providing… Continue reading Writerly Matters

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moleskine journal site!

There is an art of reading, as well as an art of thinking, and an art of writing.  ~ Isaac D'Israeli  Stacey's students are getting their very own moleskine writer's notebooks today & I happened across this site dedicated to moleskine notebooks.  Check it out & enjoy the quotes and inspiring tidbits.  I've never had a… Continue reading moleskine journal site!

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Monday’s the Day!

Monday is the day when my students will get their Moleskine Writer's Notebooks. One student originally said on Wednesday, "What if I don't want to use that one? Can I use the spiral one my mom bought me?" (Naturally, I said sure!) However, yesterday afternoon he raised his hand politely and asked me if he… Continue reading Monday’s the Day!

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Getting ready for the notebook launch

I'm going to be putting these little buttons, as well as the Bagert poem on notebooks, inside my kids Moleskine Notebooks, which they'll be decorating on Monday. I showed my students their new notebooks and they were excited. They wanted to decorate them right then and there, but I said they had to wait until… Continue reading Getting ready for the notebook launch

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Steppin’ It Up: Real Writer’s Notebooks

No longer will my students be using composition notebooks or spiral-spined notebooks with perforated edges in Writing Workshop this year. I'm making a move and providing them with REAL writer's notebooks (read: Moleskine Cahier Notebooks). I found them at a pretty affordable price at (Please note: I haven't ordered them yet, so I don't… Continue reading Steppin’ It Up: Real Writer’s Notebooks