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Writing Center

My Students' New Writing Center Originally uploaded by teachergal Last year my students' writing center was a pretty tall bookcase. The wooden structure, pictured, housed the math center. However, as the amount of math manipulatives I have continues to grow, I had to swap spaces. Hence, the old math center is my students' new writing… Continue reading Writing Center

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Getting Everything Absolutely Ready (G.E.A.R. Binders)

My fourth grade colleagues and I decided to use M.O.O.S.E. Binders with our students this year. However, we changed the name to G.E.A.R., which stands for "Getting Everything Absolutely Ready." Here's what a completed G.E.A.R. Binder looks like:

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Meeting Area Supply Boxes for Workshop-Related Things

I put the supplies I purchased earlier today into my kids' Meeting Area Supply Boxes I purchased on Sunday. They don't have much in them since I wanted to keep it simple... just the basics of what they'd need on the rug for the active engagement of a minilesson or while they're creating plan boxes.… Continue reading Meeting Area Supply Boxes for Workshop-Related Things

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Stacey’s S.O.L.S.

I spent an inordinate amount of time picking out the exact supplies I needed for my students' Meeting Area Supplies Boxes. I was almost set, but realized I needed contact lens solution. Hence, I parked my wagon by the end-cap of the aisle while I went to pick out the solution. I came back and… Continue reading Stacey’s S.O.L.S.

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Meeting Area Supplies

Penny Pencil Cases Originally uploaded by teachergal I found pencil cases on sale for $.01 at Staples today. I decided to buy them so that the kids could have everything they need for minilessons with them at the meeting area. (In the past, kids always had to search for pencils or pens prior to the… Continue reading Meeting Area Supplies

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Writerly Matters

Kelly at Big A little a has some wonderful blogging about the topic of "writerly matters." Do check it out if you want to do some more thinking about the 'basics' I've sometimes neglected, in the past as a teacher of writing. I've grown to think more about it with each passing year by providing… Continue reading Writerly Matters · field trips · Pat Werner · supplies · theater

Start Writing Proposals Today!

Pat Werner, my amazing Literacy Coach from my first year of teaching, told me about DonorsChoose, an organization that matches teachers in need of funding with citizen philanthropists, in the fall of 2004. I started writing grant proposals through DonorsChoose and obtained funding for experiences I wanted my students to have. Thanks to Pat informing… Continue reading Start Writing Proposals Today!