Teaching Writing with Mentor Texts Blog Series

ICYMI: Teaching Writing with Mentor Texts Blog Series

This is the blog series for you if you are looking for inspiration or advice on using all sorts of mentor texts in your classroom including published books, student work, digital media, and teacher-created texts.

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Digital Mentor Text for Blogs: Teaching Writing with Mentor Texts

Some of the most influential pieces of writing that have tugged at my heart and live in my soul are blog posts. As we planned this blog series on mentor texts, a lightbulb flashed above my head: Why not create a collection of mentor blog posts to help me improve my own writing? Why not create a similar collection for my students, to share with them possibilities and craft moves they could try, too?

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How to Choose & Mine Mentor Texts for Craft Moves: Teaching Writing with Mentor Texts

I've been researching and working with mentor texts for over a decade. Here's how I choose them and mine them for craft moves to teach young writers.

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Student-Written Mentor Texts: Teaching Writing with Mentor Texts

As you embark on using, student-written mentor texts push yourself beyond the flawless and visually perfect pieces. Look for the gems buried behind the messy and sometimes crumpled papers. Search for opportunities for all students to shine and guide other writers. All writers have value.

Teaching Writing with Mentor Texts Blog Series

Reading Like a Writer, Step-By-Step: Teaching Writing with Mentor Texts

This week at Two Writing Teachers will be sharing ideas about teaching writing with mentor texts: from published books, to student work, digital media, to teacher-created texts. This blog series will inspire you to dive in and find the perfect texts to learn from with your students.