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Meeting Area Supply Boxes for Workshop-Related Things

I put the supplies I purchased earlier today into my kids’ Meeting Area Supply Boxes I purchased on Sunday. They don’t have much in them since I wanted to keep it simple… just the basics of what they’d need on the rug for the active engagement of a minilesson or while they’re creating plan boxes.

Contents of each box:
1. Mechanical Pencil
2. Eraser
3. Blue Pen
4. Red Pen
5. 1 7/8″ x 1 7/8″ Post-It Note Pad for Stop & Jots or Other Quick Writing Activity

7 thoughts on “Meeting Area Supply Boxes for Workshop-Related Things

  1. Apparently, Tuesday was too late in Michigan to get the supplies. I went today, flyers in hand, but most of the items were sold out! I did get a cool chair for my desk for $15 though.


  2. Woah, I’m going to have to hit up Staples! I teach high school, so it’s a little different with supplies, but still, that’s awesome. I can use them to distribute colored pencils or other tools during various activities.


  3. Thanks for the tip on the penny supply boxes! However, Staples on Long Island wanted to limit me to 2 boxes! I begged and pleaded for 25 by telling them I teach…..It worked! Gotta love a bargain!


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