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Stacey’s S.O.L.S.

I spent an inordinate amount of time picking out the exact supplies I needed for my students’ Meeting Area Supplies Boxes. I was almost set, but realized I needed contact lens solution. Hence, I parked my wagon by the end-cap of the aisle while I went to pick out the solution. I came back and grabbed a wagon (notice the word a not my) and proceeded to the checkout area. By the time I got the register line I realized that I didn’t have my basket.
“Oh no!” I exclaimed. “This is not my cart!” A few people looked at me and turned away as I spun my red cart around and headed back to where I just was.
What if I have to look for everything all over again? I wondered how long that would take. I was annoyed since I wanted to get on the highway before rush hour set in.
When I finished retracing my steps, I realized my cart was not far from the one I had taken. I sheepishly put someone else’s wagon back where I got it from and took mine and proceeded back to the register (though a different one since I felt a little silly from the whole incident).
I’m not sure how the whole switch-eroo happened, but I’m so glad I didn’t have to pick everything out again. (Stay tuned for the assembly of those Meeting Area Kits… the post should be up in an hour or so.)
My newly-purchased supplies

4 thoughts on “Stacey’s S.O.L.S.

  1. As my husband and I pursue the coupon deals at various stores we have also put our purchases into the wrong cart. I have observed that the key to solving this situation is not leaving our cart to retrieve an item. We usually experience this mix-up in the produce section of the grocery stores as we wander about searching for the perfect sale item.

    Stacey, you are truly a great example of how to write about the stories of your daily life – a “Slice of Life.” Did you think of that title? I love it!


  2. I laughed out loud…how funny! I have yet to do that…but I think that’s definitely something I’d do.

    One time at Wal-Mart some guy didn’t put down the separator bar between our things (I was first in line) and the lady started ringing up his items with mine. I had to stop her and take back several items out of bags and I still ended up with something that he had wanted to buy, but yet became mine.


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