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“Stories in Hand” Meets “Poetry Friday”

I decided to use the first layout I created for the Stories in Hand Class I’m taking with Poetry Friday.

The story spark I used for this layout was “What physical and character traits did you inherit from your mom? From your dad?” However, I didn’t write a story… I created a list. Hence, I’m wanted to turn that list into a poem for Poetry Friday. Here goes:

I Am Both of My Parents

I am my mother.
I inherited my 62 inches
and my petiteness
from you Mom.
I also stole
the shape of my nose
from you Mom.
I am glad
I was able to take
the warmth you exude
towards others
from you Mom.

I am my father.
I inherited the shape
of my mouth
and my eyes
from you Dad.
I also have
that dry sense of humor
from you Dad.
I was able to take
the level of seriousness you possess
to discipline myself and to help others
from you Dad.

The photo, above, was taken a month before my tenth birthday. Over 20 years later, I’m still wearing denim jackets, but I’ve lost those yellow earrings!

Stories to Tell About Birth & Childhood
One story down… many more stories to write!

Poetry Friday is being held at "Check It Out" this week.This week Poetry Friday is being held at Yat-Yee Chong’s Blog.

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