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Poetry Friday: An Original Acrostic.

With the start of the year, I’ve noticed several teachers having students use their names to make acrostic poems.  I was reminded of a post Stacey wrote * about encouraging meaning in acrostic poetry.  So, on my drive to work this morning, I composed one.  I had to dig my notebook out of my bag and jot it down at stoplights in order to not forget it. 

The Secret
By Ruth Ayres

Runs in
Someone who

Yearns to
Each day’s
Special details.

* I located Stacey’s post by using our search box in the top-ish right corner, just under our header.  We’re beginning to bank lots of information here, so feel free to use the search box in order to locate information with ease!

3 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: An Original Acrostic.

  1. In the past, I’ve always winced when kids and teachers have referenced acrostic poems as their “favorite” kind of poem. This is a thoughtful approach and really pushes thinking a whole lot more. Thanks for sharing! Love this blog–will be back.


  2. Love this. I do Friday poetry with my students and are building a year long Poetry Portfolio. I think my next poem will be an Acrostic poem — we did Fib Poems today — which I HIGHLY recommend. Kids LOVE them. I don’t know if it’s the name of them or the format but it’s a big hit! (Look them up on Wikipedia and/or Google it.) I ordered the book Stacey recommended in her post — I, too, hate acrostics that are a meaningless string of words! 🙂


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