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Poetry Friday Roundup

    Here’s the round-up as of p.m. 6:17 p.m. on October 3rd:

(I’m putting these first since I’m an Autumn Lover and I’m in a very fall-like, New England-y, mood today, as evidenced from the poem I posted.)

  • Barbara posted “October’s Party,” along with a lovely photograph.
  • Elaine contributed a lovely autumn acrostic poem, and some other fall-related poetry, to the mix.
  • Mommy’s Favorite Children’s Books has lots of Halloween-related poems.
  • Bill at Stenhouse brought us a Wadsworth Poem about body surfing in Maine.
  • Cloudscome provided us with a fall haiku.
  • Suzanne shared a nonsense poem about fall.
  • Tiel shared an acrostic about changing leaves.
  • TadMack‘s Poem made me feel as though winter is coming faster than I’d like it to arrive.
  • Finally, for an opposite view of fall in New England (from mine), look at what Mitali posted.


  • Becky shared an excerpt from When Louis Armstrong Taught Me Scat. Her post left me asking myself, “Why isn’t this in my classroom?” (Thanks to, it soon will be in my classroom library.)
  • Carol paid homage to Steve Replogle and the work he did with Our Hearts Are Woven Into Words. Simply splendid! Do check it out.
  • Ms. Mac informed us about Haiku Baby.
  • Cuileann shared a Nye poem from 19 Varieties of Gazelle.
  • Bill provided us with more information about Feast, which is a must-add to my classroom’s poetry collection.
  • Linda and Laura Salas got me thinking about the new J. Patrick Lewis & Paul B. Janeczko Book and how I can use it with my students.
  • Just One More Book included a podcast about Darkness Slipped In.
  • Eisha has a fantastic post about recent Poet Laureate Simic.
  • Ms. Mac included some poems from the Llama Who Had No Pajama today.
  • Nadine included a poem from Hailstones and Halibut Bones.
  • Yat-Yee has a book-lovers poem posted.
  • Becky and Lisa got my mind going about Banned Books Week with her post, while Jennie included some banned Silverstein.


  • Tabatha blogged about the presence of poems in movies, which I never really considered much, until today. Thanks for getting my mind going!
  • Laura brought us a sampling of poetry-related things from Dodge Poetry Festival.
  • Little Willow posted the lyrics to a song… and the music to boot.
  • Sara included the lyrics to “Spanish Pipedream” in her post.
  • Becky posted “Good Morning Starshine,” which is one I haven’t heard in awhile!
  • HipWriterMama embraced the virtues of Poetry Slam.


  • Liz tied the idea of hope in with the idea of voting. Do check out her timely post.
  • Janet has a poem about the Minor Prophets.
  • Mother Reader gave us some Sarah Palin Poetry, which is worth a good read now that we’re less than two months away from Election Day. (Make sure you’re registered to vote! I know Voter Registration is closing in RI and MA this-coming week!)


  • Laura also included her wonderful “15 Words or Less” Submissions.
  • Shelf Elf posted about puppies.


  • Cloudscome also gave us with everything we wanted to know about posting our Poetry Friday Poems, but were afraid to ask. Do check out her informative post so you’re in-the-know.
  • Sylvia invited us over to the Cybils Blog for some nominating, while Susan wrote about prize contenders, with regard to the Cybils.


Thank you to EVERYONE for inspiring me to start writing more poetry! The things you posted definitely motivated me to crack-open the Poetry Journal my best friend got me for my birthday (er… five months ago).

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Be sure to check out Mary Lee‘s Post, “This is Just to Say” and Julie‘s Post about what to consider before writing a poem.

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