ALL students have something to teach their classmates about writing.

There are lots of things to keep top-of-mind when you're leading a writing workshop.  Are all students engaged?  Are they crafting pieces that hold meaning and value to them?  Are kids constantly adding writing strategies to their writing toolboxes?  The list could go on and on. There is another question I want teachers I work… Continue reading ALL students have something to teach their classmates about writing.

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Back to Basics: Sharing (Part of TWT’s Big Picture Series)

Katherine Bomer said, “Writing celebration is the most important part of the writing process” (TCRWP Key Note Address, 7/8/08). Bomer suggests that this is because every writer writes for the purpose of having someone listen to what they’ve written. Therefore, when students share their writing with their peers at the end of a writing Workshop,… Continue reading Back to Basics: Sharing (Part of TWT’s Big Picture Series)

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Sharing Lists of Emotions

I did the strong emotions lesson (using Skittles) on Friday. My demonstration was way longer than it was supposed to be (on paper), but I felt that I needed to be exceedingly explicit so that the kids would get it. They did, but I still think the length was a bit too much. The inside… Continue reading Sharing Lists of Emotions


Progress or Process Share???

Tomorrow is the first "real" day of Writing Workshop in my classroom. My students will be mapping their hearts. Hence, I decided that I will also conduct our first, of many, structured shared sessions. I've been grappling with doing a process share or a progress share (Mermelstein, Don't Forget to Share, 2007). Neither one perfectly… Continue reading Progress or Process Share???

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Remember to Celebrate!

Publishing Party - October 2004, originally uploaded by teachergal. Katherine Bomer spoke about the celebrating the work our young writers do when she delivered the Keynote Address at the TCRWP July Writing Institute. She made me reflect on the way I celebrate my students' work, which I do at the end of each unit of… Continue reading Remember to Celebrate!

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Sharing in Writing Workshop

I just received a mailing from my school over the weekend with our summer professional reading. There's an excerpt from The Art of Teaching Reading, as well as a copy of Leah Mermelstein's book Don't Forget to Share: The Crucial Last Step in the Writing Workshop. I'll probably start the book later this week, but,… Continue reading Sharing in Writing Workshop