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Content Comes to Life: Maximizing Writing Time

Learning content should be joyful and lead to inquiry and creativity...and increased writing time! How do you incorporate writing into content areas? Comment for a chance to win our blog series giveaway!

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Minimizing Transition Time: Maximizing Writing Time Blog Series

When it comes to working out, there are definitely times when I appreciate the break I get during the transition times, and I’m sure that students, maybe even unintentionally, have figured out that longer transitions lead to shorter working time. Yet time on task is critical to move forward on goals, no matter what the goals are. Maximizing time-- in exercise or writing-- leads to progress.

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Six Tips to Keep Minilessons Short: Maximizing Writing Time

Keeping minilessons succinct, engaging, and brief is one of the best ways to maximize time since it never feels as though we have enough of it. 

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Writing as Social-Emotional Development: Maximizing Writing Time

Let’s turn our attention to the classroom, to the kids in our care. Like many of us, they need a space to release burdens, to feel the same connection and validation that has kept us afloat. This, my friends, is where we begin. THIS is where we claim our power as writers, as teachers of writing. No matter the age of our students, no matter their readiness level, no matter the constrictions of a mandated writing system, there are ways to create and protect a nurturing, supportive community of young writers.

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Begin With Strong Planning: Maximizing Writing Time Blog Series

Actually doing the work of writers is where writers strengthen their skills—and this takes at least two thirds of the total minutes in any workshop. The more clear we can be while unit planning, the more strategic our instructional time will be, leaving more time for writers to write.