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How much collaboration is too much?

There were a few times when I sat back at the end of a day of teaching and thought I don't know if I'd want to be a student in my own classroom.  The reason for this horrible realization?  There was just too much group work going on, especially in mathematics.  I often felt as… Continue reading How much collaboration is too much?

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A Strong Parntership

My father reads The New York Times every morning.  By the time he gets to work, I often have the link to an article in my e-mail inbox, which he thinks will pique my interest.  This morning was no different.  He sent me the link to an op-ed entitled "The Central Falls Success."  I  liked… Continue reading A Strong Parntership

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Engagement Starts at Home

I made a beeline for Alan Sitomer, Jon Scieszka, and Gordon Korman's session, "AUTHOR STRAND: THREE YA AUTHORS TALK COMEDY, FUN, AND SMILES (A.K.A. THE POWER OF GETTING READERS TO PEE THEIR PANTS!)", on Saturday afternoon at NCTE.  I managed to get a seat for myself, Ruth, and two other colleagues in the second row… Continue reading Engagement Starts at Home

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Technology Articles from The NY Times

There are two articles that have been published in The New York Times in the past week that are worth reading if you teach or have young children. (1)  A Silicon Valley School That Doesn’t Compute By MATT RICHTEL Published: October 22, 2011 The Waldorf School’s computer-free environment has become a draw for parents at… Continue reading Technology Articles from The NY Times


Teaching Tolerance: Bullying Series

Even though we "fell back" to standard time overnight, my body woke me up extremely early this morning.  Fortunately, my New York Times was already waiting at the foot of my driveway when I came downstairs for an earlier-than-normal breakfast.  In my typical Sunday morning fashion, I saved the first section of the paper to… Continue reading Teaching Tolerance: Bullying Series

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Words of Wisdom for Former Students

Right before I went to sleep last night I checked my e-mail.  It contained a couple of useless e-mails from companies trying to get me to by their wares as well as an e-mail from one of my former students.  I quickly deleted the marketing pitches and went right to this student's email.  It's been… Continue reading Words of Wisdom for Former Students

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Literacy News Delivered to Your Inbox

The Two Writing Teachers Facebook Page is updated almost daily with links to our blog posts and links to articles.  While it would be nifty to think of having that much time to scour the nation's newspapers, news magazines, and radio shows for education-related pieces, it's not the truth.  One of my go-to sources for… Continue reading Literacy News Delivered to Your Inbox

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Articles You Might Enjoy

Many people across the world are celebrating Christmas today.  I may not be one of them, but I wanted to just post some links to education articles today.  Therefore, I've scoured the 'net (Thanks to NCTE Inbox and ASCD SmartBrief, which helped me with this endeavor!) to find some interesting pieces you might wish to… Continue reading Articles You Might Enjoy