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Coverage of the Core

The New York Times and The Washington Post have been covering the Common Core a LOT lately. You'll see, if you read them all, they provide different view points. Here are the ones that stood out to me. Caution and the Common Core by the Editorial Board Common Core: Assessing the real level of support… Continue reading Coverage of the Core

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C’mon… Kumon?

This past weekend I needed to pick up a few feeding-related items for my daughter at Buy Buy Baby.  Since Isabelle was sleeping, I found myself weaving through the brightly-lit aisles of the store a little longer than I had planned.  I found my way to the toy section, which was incredible.  I found myself… Continue reading C’mon… Kumon?

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Literacy News Delivered to Your Inbox

The Two Writing Teachers Facebook Page is updated almost daily with links to our blog posts and links to articles.  While it would be nifty to think of having that much time to scour the nation's newspapers, news magazines, and radio shows for education-related pieces, it's not the truth.  One of my go-to sources for… Continue reading Literacy News Delivered to Your Inbox

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The New York Times published an Op-Ed, "Playing to Learn," today by Susan Engel, who is a senior lecturer in psychology and the director of the Williams College Teaching Program.  It's about education reform, specifically curriculum reform.  Engel spent one full paragraph on the type of writing that she things should exist in elementary school… Continue reading Op-Ed

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Applying for RTT Funding

As we were reading The New York Times this morning, my husband, who knew about the post, "Teacher Compensation & Standardized Test Scores," I wrote last week mentioned an article on page A12 of today's Times to me.  It's about Race to the Top and  just how long it takes for states to complete the… Continue reading Applying for RTT Funding

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Articles You Might Enjoy

Many people across the world are celebrating Christmas today.  I may not be one of them, but I wanted to just post some links to education articles today.  Therefore, I've scoured the 'net (Thanks to NCTE Inbox and ASCD SmartBrief, which helped me with this endeavor!) to find some interesting pieces you might wish to… Continue reading Articles You Might Enjoy

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In the News & On the Blogs

There have been a lot more education-related news stories appearing in the newspapers with the start of the school year.  To that end, here are some stories from newspapers, as well as some online sources, that I've read and found interesting during the past week. A New Meaning for Cutting Classes by Javier C. Hernandez… Continue reading In the News & On the Blogs

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It’s Time to Read This Article (if you haven’t already).

Have you read the article on Michelle Rhee in the latest issue of Time? If not, click here to read about this controversial Chancellor of Education in the Washington, DC Public School System. (There's a related video, which you can view by clicking here.)

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Where do they stand?

I've blogged a bit about the upcoming election. Tonight's final Presidential Debate will most likely focus on the economy (Rightfully so considering the DJII's 733 point drop, the fact that people are losing their jobs left and right, and that states, like Massachusetts, are facing unprecedented budget deficits). However, as educators, it's important that we… Continue reading Where do they stand?

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In Education News…

One or two more of these "in the news" posts and I'm going to have to make this a weekly Wednesday feature. However, for now, I think it's just a special <> (or something like that). Okay, here are the stories that caught my eye this week. Many middle schools in Bay State stumbling Underperformance… Continue reading In Education News…

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Around the Papers & in the News

I've been perusing newspapers online and found some articles worthy of sharing: At Struggling School, Pride Displaces Failure By WINNIE HU Published: July 20, 2008 Rising test scores highlight a year of ambitious change at the beleaguered Newton Street School in Newark. At This Summer School, Those Who Teach, Learn By WINNIE HU Published: July… Continue reading Around the Papers & in the News

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A Round-up of Interesting Education Articles

Some news stories I've perused and wanted to share. My brief comments are in italics. 2 School Entrepreneurs Lead the Way on Change By SAM DILLON Published: June 19, 2008 Wendy Kopp and Richard Barth are a power couple in the world of education, emblematic of a new class of young social entrepreneurs seeking to… Continue reading A Round-up of Interesting Education Articles