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A Strong Parntership

My father reads The New York Times every morning.  By the time he gets to work, I often have the link to an article in my e-mail inbox, which he thinks will pique my interest.  This morning was no different.  He sent me the link to an op-ed entitled “The Central Falls Success.”  I  liked seeing the words “Central Falls” on the same line as the word “Success” since Central Falls, which is the city I taught in when I moved to Rhode Island in 2007, has gotten its fair share of negative attention in the past few years.  From the scandal at the Wyatt Detention Center in 2008 to the high school staff shake-up of 2010 to the public library almost having to close its doors in 2011, the City of Central Falls has not had a lot to celebrate in the past few years.  As someone who worked in Central Falls and still keeps in touch with students who live there, I was pleased to see a positive piece about my former school’s reading partnership with the teachers of the Central Falls School District.

The Learning Community is a public charter school who has been in a partnership with the K-2 teachers in Central Falls since 2007.  I remember hearing about the success of the partnership when I attended staff meetings.  For the past couple of years, the news media in Rhode Island has buzzed about this collaboration.  And now, The New York Times is writing about it since cuts to the Central Falls School District’s budget threaten this incredible collaboration.  Want to learn more about the way a charter school and a public school district have overcome tensions to help kids read better?  Just click here to read Joe Nocera’s op-ed from today’s New York Times.


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I am a literacy consultant who has spent the past dozen years working with teachers to improve the teaching of writing in their classrooms. While I work with teachers and students in grades K-6, I'm a former fourth and fifth-grade teacher so I have a passion for working with upper elementary students.

I'm the author of Craft Moves (Stenhouse Publishers, 2016) and the co-author of Jump Into Writing (Zaner-Bloser, 2021), Welcome to Writing Workshop (Stenhouse Publishers, 2019), and Day By Day (Stenhouse, 2010).

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  1. It’s sad to hear it might be cut. I loved that those teachers have worked so hard to collaborate & make good things happen. Why oh why can’t people see that what works should be kept? So frustrating! Thanks to your dad and now you for the share, Stacey!


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