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Online Relationships Become Real

{This isn’t the end of my thinking and sharing about the All-Write 2013 Summer Institute. There will be more…check Ruth Ayres Writes since we are on vacation around here throughout the month of July!}

Linda Baie (Teacher Dance), Ramona (Pleasures from the Page),

Elsie (Elsie Tries Writing), me, Christy Rush-Levine (Living)

(from left to right)

There is something special when the stories you read on your computer screen meet in real-life. I still can’t believe I got to meet so many slicers in person. I’d love to list them all, but I know there would be some I miss. Please know if you’re not listed here it’s not because I didn’t love meeting you, it’s simply because I was overwhelmed by the magic of meeting in person.

On Wednesday, 33 of us met for a pre-conference dinner. I still can’t believe they were okay with posing for a picture! There were so many people in one room who I respect and admire and it was a little overwhelming when they went around the room and introduced themselves. This is a community alive because we write and share. Passion grows this way.

The conference was filled with lots of talk about taking risks and creativity and focusing on children rather than standards. I was touched and honored by the people filling the room in my session.

Linda Baie, Bonnie Kapplan (blkdrama),
Nanc (Two Years and Finishing Strong), Christy Rush-Levine,
Elsie (from front left to right) ; Robin (Teaching Tomorrow’s Leaders),
Betsy (Teaching Young Writers) (from back left to right)

There are so many I don’t have photos for…Katherine Sokolowski from Read, Write ReflectKaren Terlecky from Literate LivesDonalyn MillerTony KeeferMindy RenchCindy Minnich…the list goes on and on and on.

And those posted here…Linda, Christy, Elsie, Ramona, Mary Helen, Bonnie, Nanc, Robin, Betsy, and Tam.

It is very good to spend time together in person. It pushes thinking and makes me realize these relationships are real and worthwhile. Thank you to all those (pictured or not) — you make a difference in my life!

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Unhurried. Finding the magic in the middle of living. Capturing a life of ridiculous grace + raw stories.

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  1. It was such a magical experience to meet the people I’ve been interacting with for a while now. I am inspired by the learning and relationships that happened at All Write this year. Thank you for hosting this community and making sure we all know that our stories matter, making connections matters too.


  2. I enjoyed all these people so much. It was a great chance to meet so many and makes me want it to get here again! Thank you for being a person who brings people together and changes them forever.


  3. I think it is still surprising that a real connection does happen when we read and write together online. They are real relationships before we meet (as I experienced with meeting face to face with Elsie) but we are a bit tenative and shy about it before we actually meet. It just makes me happy because the support and encouragement makes such a difference. It is a gift to read about these experiences!


  4. Writing matters. We are living proof. Revisiting these moments reminds me of the power of the gift of writing you have given us. Thank you–for believing in writing and sharing and for giving so much time and energy to the outside world through your blogs and books. Shine on!


  5. It was such a pleasure, Ruth, to meet and talk and have the chance to just “be” with everyone, all because of the slice of life, then you taking the time to “be” with all of us. I have many people to be grateful for and you are one of them!


  6. Right back to you, you make a difference in our lives. My arm must be black and blue from the continual pinching to remind myself that it really happened. Magical moments for me!


  7. I have to say this year’s All Write has inspired and motivated me in a way I haven’t felt quite so deeply in a long time. Your thinking about online relationships and then meeting those people I respect and with whom I’ve shared personal things in my writing has a lot to do with that.


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