#allwrite13 Online Connections Dinner


Since Ramona asked and she traveled all the way from Seattle, I honored her request. We went around the room and introduced ourselves. It was a big dinner party — 33 people in all. Check out who was there. I’ve been excited for months about this dinner. After all it was a room full of slicers and tweeps, people who share their stories and impact my life. People who nourish my soul and keep me writing. People who push my thinking and are part of my most powerful professional learning community. My writing group was there and colleagues who join me in cyberspace. And the person who first encouraged me to write professionally, Carl Anderson, was there too. Really, it was a bit surreal.

I might have been giddy.

I didn’t know they were about to give another gift. How could I have been prepared? It was just introductions. Name, blog, Twitter alias…nothing spectacular should really come out of introductions, right?

But, as I’m learning, writing always gives more than it takes. Always. Tonight was a concrete example. It will etch onto my heart, becoming part of my story. The people in the room were there because of story.  We were woven together by story. Through slicing and tweeting, people were bound by words.

And they went around the tables, sharing why they started writing and what writing has offered them. I sat there humbled. Writing matters. It really matters. This act of putting words down and sharing stories and then responding makes a powerful difference.

Writing is part of my ordinary routine. Slicing is an expected part of the week. Twitter is always chirping, always giving. When I talk to people, I ask them about their writing. It’s become such a part of me that it is often a joke among my dearest friends. Tonight was one of those moments when I saw the magic in the ordinary.

It makes me want to keep writing, even when I think I don’t have anything to give. Because what I’m learning is when I stack the words, Story gives back.

Thank you, friends, for dinner tonight. You nourished my soul in real-time. I’m overwhelmed by your kindness.