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Just Write.

I hope you are taking the summer to just write. Life is too short not to write. I’ve been percolating today’s blog post and planned to write it this afternoon. However, plans changed, so this slide from my keynote presentation will have to do. Hopefully it will nudge you to write.

A slide from an upcoming keynote presentation.
A slide from an upcoming keynote presentation.

One of the reasons I keep writing is because I know how fragile life is. We aren’t guaranteed the next moment, so it is important to savor the moments we have. Today I spent the afternoon in doctors’ offices and the hospital with Sam. Thankfully nothing major happened. He did, however, fracture his right clavicle in a skateboarding accident.

So instead of blogging, I was patiently waiting with a tough as nails 7 year old who is very sore and a little sad about all of the things “put up” for the summer (baseball, bike, skateboard, flips). He is trying not to wallow, so we began listing things to be thankful for. “My brain bucket,” he said. Yes, yes, let’s be very thankful for that. It could have been much worse.

“Can I still write?” he asked the doctor.

“Yes, but you probably won’t have to do much of that since it’s summer.”

“Yes I do. I’m writing a chapter book about a dog named Sweetie. You can tell my mom it would be better for my shoulder to type it, though.”

I love that this kid is a writer.

I hope you will write too.


9 thoughts on “Just Write.

  1. So sorry especially as it is the beginning of summer, and I admire he’s such a trooper about this, but still… I son broke his arm on the last day of school one middle school year & it was tough, especially not to swim. I love that Sam asked if he could still write-how great that is! And wouldn’t it be as good if the doctor had just asked what Sam was writing? Thanks Ruth!


  2. What a little trooper you have! I’m glad it was not worse.
    I am thankful you write because that made me begin writing. Life is fragile and having a written memory of it helps.


  3. Oh, Ruth. I am so sorry for Sam. Georgia (13) just broke her collarbone in March (wrestling in gym) and she is just now (end of June) cleared for games and such. If it is any consolation, we kept her superrested for a week, and then she felt well enough to do normal things, with that weird velcro contraption of course. The pain did not last long. What a neat guy to think about that chapter book. I hope he’s able to take a notebook (paper or laptop) to the beach and type in between gentle swims…We are thinking about him. And you. See you soon. xo, a.


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