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Our Favorite “Back-to-School” Posts

back to school with twtblog.pubSchool begins on Monday in my neck of the woods. I realize that’s late since some of my friends’ kids went back two weeks ago! However, I grew up in the New York Metropolitan Area — in the 80’s and 90’s — where school never began prior to Labor Day.

Regardless of the date, you are either in school or planning to go back soon. Therefore, I have rounded up a bunch of posts to help you launch and sustain writing workshop.


Community Building

Curriculum Planning



Independent Writing Time


Not sure what to check out first? Click here to read through posts from our most recent blog series, Dreaming Big for This Year’s Writing Workshop, to help you determine what your focus should be on the upcoming school year. (Click here to read the archive of the accompanying Twitter Chat.)

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Search our archives if you need more back-to-school posts. Use the pull-down menu in the middle-nav of this blog to view old posts by topic or month-by-month.

Have a successful and invigorating 2018-2019 school year!

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  1. You guys are the BEST. Thank you for this super helpful post. My brain is spinning a million miles an hour trying to get ready for the start of the year (kids are back Tuesday), and your organization and clarity is really going to help ground me. ✨🙏🏼📚📝


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