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New Blog Series: Starting with What Matters Most in Writing Workshop

Starting with What Matters Most in Writing WorkshopIt was only days until the close of the school year.  I stood in the back of the classroom and watched as Dennis worked with purpose and independence.  During the first semester of the year, Dennis and I shared several conferences discussing how writers get ideas. Each time as I walked away, I hoped this would be the time Dennis would generate a topic and begin writing.

Now, as I watched Dennis and the other students, I couldn’t help but feel pride as the students chose tools, collaborated with peers, and worked true to their process as writers. I noticed similarities in the steps the writers took, but it was evident Dennis and the other students were true to who they were as writers and each one had developed an identity as a writer.


Over the next eight days, my friends and I here at Two Writing Teachers will share what goes into developing writers who work with agency, purpose, and independence in our blog series, Starting With What Matters Most.  Set a reminder or mark your calendars, you won’t want to miss a day of these timely posts.

  • Later today, in a separate post, I will share how my class and I work to find our writing audience.
  • Tomorrow, Kathleen will share how she works to help writers create a writing identity.
  • On Wednesday, Lisa will share the importance of notebooks in a writing workshop.  
  • On Thursday, Melanie will talk about the tools to develop independence and repertoire in writing.
  • On Friday, Stacey will share ideas on how to make writing a priority in your schedule.
  • On Saturday, Beth will post on the effect of play in our minds and joy in our hearts in a writing workshop.
  • On Sunday, Betsy will share the power of talk in writing.
  • On Monday, Dana will post the on the value of work habits in writing workshop. In addition, we’ll host a “Starting with What Matters Most” Twitter Chat on Monday evening at 8:30 p.m. EDT/5:30 p.m. PDT.
  • Last, but not least, on Tuesday, Dana will wrap up the series with an In Case You Missed It post (ICYMI) where you can revisit and highlight the tips you want to take into your workshop this year!


There’s more! We have shared a few links to past posts. We  chose each one specifically to help get you ready for the new school year. 


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  1. Oops. I was wrong – again. The only one that doesn’t work is the one I was trying to access: Building Stamina in Primary Writers. Sorry.


  2. I certainly enjoyed this post and look forward to the ones that follow. However (don’t you hate howevers?), the links at the end – to past posts – don’t seem to work.


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