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A Little Writing Love

As an instructional coach, a key part of my job is to encourage and inspire teachers. This is one of my favorite things about my job. It isn’t easy to be the person who is always nudging people to grow, but it is fun to be the person who gets to offer doses of encouragement and inspiration. It is something I’ve been more intentional about this year.

At one of the schools, we’ve decided to start a writing group. I am ecstatic about this. I believe the single best way to becoming a more effective teacher of writers is to be a writer yourself. I also know the a critical impact my own writing group (Hello BONS) has on my life. Not to mention the group is a eclectic mix of people from diverse experiences. I can’t wait to read the writing they bring to group.

Because I’m grateful for their bravery and because I know how hard it is to put your writing out there for others, I’ve been intentional about offering encouragement and inspiration. Last week I left quotes about writing in their mailboxes. Today I left these:


Little notebooks with a little sparkle and a little note. Here’s a PDF if you want to use these cards too. Just print them on card stock and then cut them apart. Voila, instant inspiration to share with colleagues.

Next week I have another dose of encourage”mint” for them in the form of delightful mint treats. If that doesn’t make them feel inspired to write, then I’m sure my homemade To-Die-For Blueberry Muffins will. I’m planning to serve them warm at our first writing group meeting. I really had to rack my brain to figure out how to offer encouragement at 7:00 am on a Friday morning! Warm To-Die-For Blueberry Muffins ought to do the trick!

How about you? How will you offer encouragement and inspiration this week?

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  1. This exact thought has been on my mind lately. How do I offer encouragement to others? Do I do this enough? I have been thinking about what I can do to push and nudge while remaining a friend and colleague. Food is always a good start, who can resist something delicious and a great conversation usually follows. I really want to start a writing group but I just don’t know how to encourage others to take the leap with me…or even how to ask without it seeming too overwhelming. Hopefully the right words will hit me and the moment will reveal itself in due time.


  2. Love this! I believe wholeheartedly that to be a leader you must first be a servant. I admire all the ways you encourage and nurture those near and far. Keep gifting and giving and just being remarkable, like you are! It is revolutionary and never unnoticed :).


  3. I want to join your writing group (can you hear the whine in my voice?). Seriously, what a great way to encourage teachers to write and become better teachers of writers. Love the note. I printed it off and put it in my writer’s notebook, which has been woefully neglected these last few months.

    And the muffins would definitely do the trick!


  4. What a simple, thoughtful way to encourage writers. I hope these writers continue to inspire each other. It’s fun to get a group going. The challenge is keeping it going. You sure are making it sweet.


  5. Thanks for the card idea, Ruth. The quote reminds me of Kuskin’s ‘Write About a Radish’-ordinary things. I’m envious about your writing group. Maybe I can offer, yet sometimes the teachers seem so busy that one more thing might topple them. Maybe a few feelers… Thank you for telling about this-inspiration/motivation!


  6. What a spark! Between this and your recent post about writing ‘just because’ an idea has planted itself in my mind. We have a literary writers club at our school for students–why not start one for teachers? I LOVE the cards!


  7. LOVE, LOVE LOVE it! We have tried, unsuccuessfully to do this in my district for some time now! Would love to be a part of a writing group! They are so lucky to have encouragement from you!


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