Two Million

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Two Writing Teachers has become more than just a blog I have worked on with Ruth for the past five years.  From the comments readers leave to the weekly & month-long Slice of Life Story Challenges to the interaction we have with other educators on Facebook and Twitter, Two Writing Teachers feels more like a community to me.  Thanks to YOU our stats show we’ve received more than 2,000,000 hits as of this morning!

I continue to have my thinking pushed by readers who leave comments.  I enjoy Slice of Life Tuesdays since they give me the chance to peek into other educators’ classrooms and lives.  I love attending and presenting at conferences since it gives me the chance to connect with people I’ve come to “know” online.

I am thankful for every person who has found their way to our blog. I’m thankful to those who have offered advice, inspiration, kind words, and support through the years.  It’s because of you, our readers and fellow educators, that we continue to blog day after day.  Thank you for helping us to reach this special occasion in our blogging lives.

Whether you’re a frequent commenter or someone who often stops by without commenting, would you leave a comment today?  We’d love to recognize you as a part of our community.  (And, if you have a blog we don’t know about, please leave your URL so we can connect with you.)