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Beginning Procedures

I’m a believer in routine. When writing workshop is predictable everyone is able to work more efficiently. It takes several weeks to build the procedures necessary to create the culture of writing workshop. Over the past two weeks I’ve collected some footage of routines in primary classrooms.

One of the important things about developing routines is to remember they don’t all have to be established on the first day. They are established over the course of time. As you will see in the video, the clips are short. Most of the time in writing workshop is spent with students engaged in the act of being writers.

At the start of the year, I like to talk a little and observe students working as writers. Then I call them together for a short bit of instruction and send them back to work so I can observe more. This works well as students begin developing the stamina needed to write during the lengthy work time. Short bits of instruction coupled with intentional observation is a key to establishing the necessary routines to create a predictable writing workshop.

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