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Infusing Information Writing Throughout the Day: Diving Into Information Writing

A recovering hater of information writing, this post is my first step towards bringing information writing to life for my third graders! It is a vision and collection of possibliities for infusing information writing across the curriculum through the day.

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Do You Ever Wonder If Kids Have Time to Wonder Anymore?

This past summer Pam Munoz Ryan, author of two of my favorite read aloud books (i.e., Becoming Naomi Leon and Esperanza Rising) spoke at the TCRWP Writing Institute. Her speech, "Reading to Write, and Writing to Read" took the audience on a journey of what she called "an unchoreographed childhood," which was the result of… Continue reading Do You Ever Wonder If Kids Have Time to Wonder Anymore?

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A Thought + A Poem

Around Indiana, Kindergarten Round Up is in full swing.  This personally effects me since my red-headed flair of a five year old will be entering kindergarten next year.  She is so excited.  She's unable to keep still just thinking about going to kindergarten.  I watch her pretend and imagine and dress up as a ninja-dentist-ballerina… Continue reading A Thought + A Poem