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New Buttons.

Now if these don’t inspire you to participate in this week’s challenges, then I don’t know what will!

Feel free to use these buttons for your Memoir Monday and Slice of Life Tuesday posts.

 Memoir Monday

Slice of Life
Slice of Life

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Unhurried. Finding the magic in the middle of living. Capturing a life of ridiculous grace + raw stories.

5 thoughts on “New Buttons. Leave a comment

  1. Tisha:

    Here’s some tech support on this:

    Essentially, the HTML code you should embed into your site should look like this: img src=
    and img src= (Just put single side quotes around each of the tags; the ones on top of the comma and the period.)


  2. They are beautiful. Being new to the blogging world I don’t know how to add buttons to my site. I have tried what I thought would work but I was obviously unsuccessful.

    Please offer assistance.


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