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Graphic Organizers Limit Creativity: Resetting Our Workshop Practices

Many teachers assign graphic organizers to help students learn about structure and organization. But do these organizers actually impede authentic writing and student agency? Read about why Leah chose to stop mandating graphic organizers, and some tips for letting go!

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I am thankful for…

My Thanksgiving Dessert Creation from 2006. Originally uploaded by teachergal HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I woke up early this morning and started reflecting on what I am thankful for. The list is long and hasn't changed much from last year. One thing I'm incredibly thankful for is for the right to express my opinions, in writing, freely.… Continue reading I am thankful for…

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Thanksgiving: A List Poem

On this day, I am thankful for so many things. I figured I'd create a list poem, with my ideas clustered in stanzas, of what I am thankful for. (I decided not to use ending punctuation for this poem.) Freedom Being an American The right to practice my own religion Driving where I want, when… Continue reading Thanksgiving: A List Poem