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It’s Time to Read This Article (if you haven’t already).

Have you read the article on Michelle Rhee in the latest issue of Time? If not, click here to read about this controversial Chancellor of Education in the Washington, DC Public School System. (There’s a related video, which you can view by clicking here.)

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

3 thoughts on “It’s Time to Read This Article (if you haven’t already). Leave a comment

  1. I agree with Amy. The thing that kept going through my mind as I read the article was “Would I pass her standards?” I sure hope so! I did give up tenure when I moved to Canada (but the union is still pretty good about protecting our jobs…however, I better be sure I am doing my job!) and I think that is a good move. I was glad to hear that sheis willing to take jobs away from people who aren’t doing well. I do still question whether or not the standardized test scores are the best way to assess someone’s teaching. But I like her belief that every kid can do well.


  2. Whoa! This article certainly provided plenty of food for thought, including, “Would I (a second-year educator) stand up to such stringent evaluation?” and “Would I be willing to give up the possibility of tenure because I am confident enough in my own teaching to stand up to a thorough examination?”

    Great article, and good thinking associated.


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