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Reminder Sign

New Sign by the Door

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I was on Etsy about two weeks ago and came across a customizable sign from K is for Calligraphy that would prevent me from sounding like a broken record to my students day-in and day-out.

This sign, which was welcomed by my students and I earlier today, represents the things they need to take with them or do before they leave the classroom at dismissal time. The sign says:
Gg G.E.A.R. Binder
Ll Literacy Bag
Ss Shake Hands

So what does it all mean?
My students’ Idea Notebooks and nightly reading books are inside of their Literacy Bags. They must take their G.E.A.R. home nightly. (To read more about what’s in my students’ G.E.A.R. Binders, click here.) Finally, there’s a reminder to shake hands with me, since that’s how we end every school day, before leaving.

Here’s an up-close view of the product that Katy took:

Interested in getting one for your classroom to remind your students of things they often forget? Click here to go to K is for Calligraphy’s Etsy Shop.