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Stacey Shubitz, Chief of Operations & Lead Writer

E-mail: stacey[at]staceyshubitz[dot]com  |  Twitter: @sshubitz

Amy Ellerman, Contributing Writer

E-mail: ellermanamy[at]gmail[dot]com  |  Twitter: @sanderling12

Betsy Hubbard, Co-Author

E-mail: betsymhubbard[at]gmail[dot]com  |  Twitter: @Betsy_writes

Beth Moore, Co-Author

E-mail: beth[at]elizabethmoore[dot]work  |  Twitter: @BethMooreSchool

Melanie Meehan, Co-Author

E-mail: meehanmelanie[at]gmail[dot]com  |  Twitter: @MelanieMeehan1

Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski, Co-Author

E-mail: mrs.sokolowski[at]gmail[dot]com  |  Twitter: @MrsSokolowski

Lainie Levin, Contributing Writer

E-mail: lainlev72[at]gmail[dot]com | Twitter: @mrslevin11

Nawal Qarooni, Contributing Writer

Email: nawal[at] | Twitter: @NQCLiteracy

Therapi Zaw-Kaplan, Contributing Writer

E-mail: tgkaplan21[at]yahoo[dot]com  |  Twitter: @tgkaplan21 

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Please note: We do not accept unsolicited guest blog posts. As of July 1st, 2015, any e-mails sent to one of the co-authors with a request to contribute a guest blog post and/or a request to include a link to your blog on our blogroll will be deleted.

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  1. Every Tuesday you’ll find a link to our weekly writing challenge. It goes live at 12:01 a.m., Eastern Time. Feel free to link up there.
    It is open to people 18+. Most folks work in education. The only time we host a challenge for kids is in March.
    Lmk if you have further questions by emailing me. (See the “contact us” page.”)


  2. I LOVE this blog!! I have found so many well-written and immediately meaningful posts that have supported my teaching of writing with my elementary students. Thank you thank you for writing this blog!!!


  3. Hi Tracy,

    Beth has been trying to email you, but hasn’t heard back from you yet. It’s possible we have the incorrect email address for you. Therefore, please contact Beth directly at beth [at] elizabethmoore [dot] work by tomorrow night, 5/17, so she can get your correct email address and mailing address.



  4. I have recently not been getting your blogs. I have tried to sign up again. I am also have the same problem with the blog There’s a Book for That. Both blogs are through WordPress. Have you heard of anyone else having the same problem.


    • This has happened to a few people. We have no idea why it is happening. I would suggest you contact WordPress tech support for further assistance, especially since this is happening to you with one other blog.


  5. Hi! I recently awaited to post my bog on Tuesday at midnight….and waited half an hour for the TWT email to show up. It never did… not even the following day. I emailed Kathleen Solokowski and Elsie, and Kathleen very nicely posted my blog on the site for me. She advised me to contact you to find out why….and whether I need to sign up again or not. I have been blogging on SOL since this past March and haven’t missed a week yet. So this is a mystery to me.
    Thank you for your help.
    Barbara Suter


    • Hi, lauraleew. On Tuesdays, a post will go up on our homepage calling for Slice of Life Stories. Copy the link to your Slice of Life Story from your blog and paste your link in the comment box of the Tuesday post. If you get stuck next Tuesday, you can email me directly at, and I will walk you through it.


  6. I just noticed that I am getting an alert for posts from some of you but not all of you –

    I am missing Anna’s and Besty post for sure. Not sure why I don’t get all of them since I am following the Two Writing teacher site. I just discovered it this morning but had been thinking for a few weeks that I seem to not be reading all the Two Writing teacher posts.

    Wondering if others are having trouble or it I need to connect with in a different way. Thanks


  7. I find my comments don’t “stick” each time. Haven’t determined exactly why, has happened with my iPad, phone, and even laptop. All are Mac….hmmm….it is frustrating. I love reading the posts and want to share that. WordPress (which I use) sites are always fine, blogspot is the least likely to accept my comment and others are inconsistent.


  8. I’ve had trouble with comments disappearing too, so now I just punch “publish” first, which it doesn’t like because there’s nothing there – and then I find my comment will stay in the box when I retype. Not a great solution but saves time and frustration.


  9. As for commenting-IPhone or IPad: I’ve found when I get ‘stuck’ & it won’t let me continue, I say ‘done’, it is ready to publish, then I return to the comment & it lets me write more. Hope that helps. As for the disappearing, I didn’t have any trouble a few days ago on the IPad. And just commented on one post from my IPhone. Don’t know what’s happening with others?


  10. Just a quick note to thank you for sharing so many wonderful resources for teachers on this blog. You are providing such a viable professional space for growth and inspiration. Thanks!


  11. Recently you wrote about, Gandhi: A March to the Sea. In your post you referenced a Common Core Educator Guide. Do you know how I could find out if Amazon has other books that have these accompanying guides?


  12. Hi,

    Awhile ago I was perusing your site and came across a recommendation of a book, a collection of essays written by some students, perhaps in New York, that could be used to teach essay. Do you know what book I’m referring to?

    Any suggestions, would be great. I teach fifth and essay format is our big push.


    Cara Barnes


      • Wow, thank you so much. I appreciate your quick reply – my district is purchasing some new texts and I’ll happily add this title to our list. I love your blog – thanks for sharing your wisdom.


  13. Hello! I think a while back you mentioned being part of a writer’s conference at Penn State in York. Can you tell me how I can find more information about this conference–there is still very little information available on-line. My husband and I are both teachers and we live in Indonesia, so we are hoping to plan ahead. If you have any contact information that would be helpful. Thanks!


  14. Hi,

    I am very interested in your “Day by Day” book. The Stenhouse site lists it as a book for K-6, but I teach 7th and 8th grade language arts. Would the book still be viable for me? I am in the process of starting a writing workshop (I know, nothing like waiting until the first quarter is over) and it seems as this book would be very valuable as I begin my journey. Thank you so much for your time.


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