Sundays for the Soul: Get Ready

Last Monday I wrote something on a whim…in a blog post…about offering a writing prompt. Your responses have had me thinking all week. Thoughts like this:

Can I offer worthy prompts?

Can I offer worthy prompts multiple times?

What if it isn’t worthy to anyone but me?

And things like this:

Do I believe in prompting writers?

What if I run out of worthy ideas?

And then I told myself this:

It isn’t about writing prompts for others to follow, but about offering ideas for discovery. It’s about helping others playfully document this life we are living. It’s about making a mark on the page and helping others make their marks too. Then building these marks over time, filling pages and pages and pages.

Yes. This I can do.

In fact, it is more than just doing this. I am excited about this. Super excited. Like doing cartwheels in the front yard excited. And I have energy to write just thinking about helping others fill the pages of their notebooks, helping others fall in love with their notebooks. So even though this Sunday for the Soul is a little late, it is an encouragement to get ready to write. This summer we are going to Discover. Play. Build. our ways into something special.

And just to make this a true Sunday for the Soul, here are some Etsy items that are making me happy. I thought they may do the same for you.

I {heart} Etsy.

  1.  Pin Write by creativelifedesigns
  2. 45 Vinyl Record Notebook by nerdnest
  3. Typewriter Domino Magnent — Write your own story by AmySueCrafts
  4. Upcycled Literature Homemade Journal — Recycled American Lit Anthology by luckyladycardsgifts
  5. Green Collage Distressed English Major Writer’s Spiral Bound Notebook by thumbprintz
  6. I Write Stuff…Monster Rubber Stamp by vozamer
  7. Keep Calm and Write On Vintage Typewriter 13 x 19 Poster by KeepCalmShop
  8. Write Your Own Story — 8 x10 Art Print — Pop Series by FarnumlnkStudio
I’m looking forward to a writing adventure this summer. Get ready to join me.