{Discover. Play. Build.} What’s holding you back?

Filling pages in summer 2011...

There are a million reasons why we don’t have time to write. What are yours? What is keeping you from putting words on the page?Today take some time to think about the things that are holding you back. Put them on the page so you can move on and spend the summer discovering, playing, and building ideas in your writer’s notebook.

My permission slip taped to the inside cover of my current YA WIP notebook.

Your entry can be doodles or a web; a list or prose; a letter or a poem. It doesn’t matter. Just get the excuses out of your mind and onto the page so you can be free to play in your writer’s notebook this summer. And just in case you need it, here is a permission slip. I hope it fits in your writer’s notebook. Also, there is an extra one you can give to a friend. It’s always better to have a friend along with you on a writing adventure.

Note: I believe writer’s notebooks are a place to play and collect ideas. They are a place to discover new thoughts and to discover your personal writing process. It is by collecting bits of this and that over time that we build ideas and thoughts which can eventually become drafts of bigger projects.

It is my hope you will share your writing adventure with us either in the comments of {Discover. Play. Build.} posts or on Tuesdays with our Slice of Life community. Happy writing.