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the big picture.

The first day of school is tomorrow and I can hardly wait. Bags are loaded, clothes are pressed, lunch is packed and since this is my 9th first day of school (as a teacher), I know that I will sleep lightly and wake up well before the alarm clock.

Going into the new year, I think it is important to remember the big picture. It’s not about the cute name tags or the excitement over new school supplies or even the organized writing units. It’s about caring for the students in our classes and in our grade levels and in our school buildings. It’s about caring for our colleagues. It’s about being positive and caring about the lives happening outside of our classroom walls. That is the big picture. Writing Workshop allows us to access to the big picture of our student’s lives, which is why it is so powerful.

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  1. While I was reading this I cannot help but compare you to that wonderful person that I live with who taught you from an early age that you have to look at the big picture. How could you possibly not succeed with that sort of encouragement??? We are truly blessed.


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