Stacey’s Seventh of Eight Poems

Even if you’re a few days behind, don’t fret. C’mon in and join
A One Week Poetry Challenge

JOY: Five Senses Poem

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I chose to write a poem about the emotion joy. I’m not quite sure if I captured it. I think this poem is still a draft/a work in progress!

As I near the end of this week-long challenge, I feel confident that I have more poems to share with my students. However, I’m not sure that I’ve generated that many poems that I’d feel confident using as mentor poems. I still think that published poets’ poems are markedly better than the stuff I’ve created this week. Nonetheless, they’ll see my struggles, as a poet, through all of these poems/poetic forms, so I am confident that the work I’ve produced will be used during writing conferences in my classroom once we begin our poetry unit of study next month.