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Poetry Walking Tour


I’m thinking about stepping out with my students and their families this spring to do a walking tour of Providence. But not just any kind of walking tour… a poetry walking tour. (I’ve never done this before, but was thinking of sending a letter home like this next week.)

Have you ever looked for poetry in and around Providence? I haven’t… yet. We’ve been studying poems each Friday this year and it’s time for all of us to look outside of our classroom for poetic inspiration.
Let’s welcome-in the spring and get together, outside of school, for a “walking tour” of Downtown Providence. We’ll meet up on a Sunday afternoon, with writer’s notebooks in-hand, looking for things that inspire us all to write poems in and around Downtown Providence.
This is an OPTIONAL activity, which you are welcome to attend with your fourth grader and/or with your other children.
Please fill out and return the bottom portion of this form and let me know which of these dates would work better for you. I will plan the walking tour on the date that works best for the majority of people. (If you are unable to attend, please let me know that as well.)
I look forward to finding some poetic inspiration with you in our State Capitol!


5 thoughts on “Poetry Walking Tour

  1. I love this idea! I’ve done this with the Summer Institute for the NVWP. We called it the writing marathon. It was an amazing day! I haven’t been brave enough to try it with my fifth graders. Please keep us updated. I want details!!


  2. What a cool idea! When I taught in an adult literacy program, we used to take writng walks around the neighborhood, and go sit in the park and write together. It was always such a great experience. I hope lots of parents join you!


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