Stacey’s Slice of Life Story: Day 12

Each student went around at Closing Circle and shared some of the positive feedback they received from another student or an adult during the Publishing Party today. It was a super way to end the day.

After school, a few of my students helped me clean up and discovered two cold half-gallons of juice under the coffee table. Realizing that both would not fit in my classroom fridge, I allowed them to open up one of the boxes. The went to town, devouring the sweet fruit juice. Seeing as the students were preoccupied with their juice drinking, I headed over to my computer to create the heading for the new writing strategy chart bulletin board. First, I decided on a color (blue — match the walls), then I decided on a font (Franklin Gothic Book). Finally, I decided on a border: balloons (to sub-consciously celebrate their second essays of the year that they’ll write). I was concentrating on the point size and the spacing when one of my students came over and said, “Smile Ms. Shubitz.”

“Huh?” I said.

“Can I take your picture?” she asked.

I thought to myself, Hmmmm… No lipstick. Hair’s in a ponytail. Hunched over on my computer. I’m sure that’ll make a good one. But instead of saying ‘no’ I gave her a half-hearted, “Sure.”

She took it and I didn’t ask to look at it. Though when I got home, I found it came out better than I expected, even if my eye shadow was smudged!