taking away from today.

In Stacey’s last post (right below this one), she wrote, “So what I’m taking away from today is . . . “  and I thought, what a good reflection for the end of every day.  Then I thought, what did I take away from today?


I suppose it’s we matter to one another.  As educators, we’re in this together and we have the power to influence each other in positive ways. 

Wow, big ah-ha, eh?  I didn’t even realize this was the big idea from today until I began thinking about Stacey’s reflection.  Thanks, Stacey!

Today I tried to fill up other’s energy banks.  I gave one teacher a card and another a silly photo from a conference we attended this summer and another a lengthy email on ways I’ve noticed her teaching has changed over the years, plus ways she’s inspired me this school year.  Those things didn’t take a lot of time, but did matter.  Maybe not in the big grand scheme of standards and testing and all.  But in a smaller (more important way) of uplifting each other.

It’s good to remember we’re all in this together and it’s time we make the journey easier and more pleasant.