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before GO.

Pretty soon we’re going to be going at full speed as a new school year begins.  Before GO, though, there’s GET READY and GET SET. 

Have you gotten ready, gotten set?  I know there are classrooms to organize and school clothes to buy and  writer’s notebooks solutions to figure out, but there’s more too.

We need to get ourselves ready.  Begin taking some time for yourself to be fully prepared for the new school year.  What are some ways we can prepare ourselves?  Here are some things I do.  Post a comment and share what you do (or are going to do this year) to get yourself ready.

  1. I cook — a lot.  I fill my freezer with good meals that simply need to be thawed and heated.  This ensures a delicious, low stress dinner at least a couple times each week with lots of good, healthy conversation.
  2. I organize my closet.  This way I know what’s available to wear and I don’t waste precious minutes each morning trying on eight different shirts.  Again, it keeps stress at bay.
  3. I walk.  Fast.  Hard.  I breathe in the fresh air.  I sweat.  Sometimes my legs even feel like jelly.  I can feel the stress melt away and trickle down my arms and legs.
  4. I buy a new MAC lipstick.
  5. I play with my son.  We swing and run tractors and roll down the hill and dig in the sand and swim and laugh, laugh, laugh until our bellies hurt.
  6. Tonight, the last night of summer vacation, I’ll hang out with my best friend, my husband.  We’ll play with our son, enjoy our favorite dinner, watch a movie, and have some snacks to boot.  I’ll know that even though the whirlwind of a new school year is about to sweep us up, everything will be okay.

Being a good writing teacher isn’t just about what happens in the classroom, it’s about what we do outside of those four walls.  It’s about taking care of ourselves and learning to keep stress levels low.  The happier you are, the more relaxed you are, the more your live — the better teacher you will be.

Go now — get ready and get set.

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3 thoughts on “before GO. Leave a comment

  1. You are so right. Just tonight I was thinking how Pilates helped me relieve stress and that I need to do it every week, especially during the school year! 🙂


  2. Love your post!

    I think that my school’s summer institute is the “get ready,” the week between the institute and the start of school is “get set,” and the day after Labor Day is “go.” 🙂

    All went well today!


  3. Thanks for reminding me that it isn’t just about the classroom. I also have my little one week before the big day…. hope your year is a great one Ruth- jen barney


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