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Classroom SOLSC: Blogging Strong in Week 2


Welcome to the 2020 Classroom SOLSC! 

On Wednesday, April 1, we began the 2020 Classroom SOLSC in extraordinary times. At Two Writing Teachers, we are here for you and your students. We hope that the challenge is helping your connect across the miles not only with your students but with teachers and students who are also experiencing the global pandemic in a different pocket of the country or world.

If you haven’t added your class or child’s blogging information to the Padlet, please do so. Please use the Padlet to find classes who are blogging and comment on their writing.

Writing Tips

I shared some writing tip videos in our first post and my post on Emphasizing Writer’s Craft. This week I am sharing a lesson on using dialogue in your writing.


Be Inspired!

Renowned educator and author Ralph Fletcher is helping students with writing through his video series “Writing with Ralph” on Youtube. Students can watch his videos to get writing strategies, ideas and inspiration. Here is his first video (6 videos are posted at the time this is published). Ralph’s Tips for Young Writers are also very helpful.

Let’s Have a Conversation

Please share any questions, comments, ideas, or victories from your experience with the Classroom SOLSC! Please also let us know what would be helpful to you in the coming weeks. How can we best support you and your writers in the April Classroom SOLSC?