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Slice of Life Story Challenge 2020: Prize Reveal

What a month it was…

Thank you to all who participated, filled out forms, and shared their stories. More than any other year, we needed stories.

Thank you to the publishers and donors who have contributed prizes. Please be patient with prize delivery this year, as many companies have paused shipping from their warehouses.

The 2020 prize winners are:

The Welcome Wagon Second Edition

Our Welcome Wagon volunteers are critical people in the annual SOLSC, and we wish we could give every one of them a prize! We had some Welcome Wagon winners at the beginning of March. To express our appreciation of this group, we have another round of prizes for them sponsored by Scholastic. The five additional winners are:

  • Fran McVeigh
  • Trina Bartel
  • Adrienne Gillespie
  • Tammy Breitweiser
  • Anita Ferreri

The Newcomer Prize

The following newcomers filled out the form and are receiving prizes from Corwin Press. Welcome to SOLSC! We hope you’ll be back in 2021.

  • Jill Bless
  • Carol Clark
  • Chrissy Garrison
  • Melanie White
  • Rebecca Atwood
  • Mari Miyagi
  • Eva Kaplan
  • Megan McCormick
  • Donetta Norris

The Latecomer Prize

This year, we welcomed a few people into the Challenge in the middle month. Extraordinary circumstances led to some rule breaking! Thank you to Katie Egan Cunningham for providing a copy of Start With Joy for a latecoming slicer. The winner of this prize is Beth Hopkins.

The Returner Prize

We have prizes for returning slicers. The following people will receive a gift card, donated by Kris Nystrom of the Connecticut Chapter’s Council of Teachers of English:

  • Stephanie Meir
  • Joyous Link
  • Lisa Goldman

And these three will receive a copy of Every Child Can Write, donated by Corwin Press:

  • Heather Onderick
  • Sarah Valter
  • Susan Kennedy

The Oak Prize

The Oak Prize is for slicers who have joined the challenge for five years. Thank you to Cinco Puntos Press and congratulations to the three winners:

  • Suzanne Scannell
  • Rita DeCarne
  • Vickie Wright

The Decade Prize

Jodi Mahoney is the winner of the Decade Prize, sponsored by Laurence King. She has been slicing for ten years!

The Bakers’ Dozen Prize

This is the thirteenth year of the Challenge, and Kevin Hodgson has been with us ALL of those years. He is the winner of any signed book by Kate Roberts.

The Classic Prizes

We have several prizes for people who have been slicing for any number of years, writing and commenting every day.

Teach Write has donated one month Time to Write Online Writing Workshop to three Slicers. The winners are:

  • Shannon Taggert
  • Peg Bruno
  • Donnetta Norris

Karen Filewych donated two copies of her books, How Do I Get Them To Write? and Freewriting With Purpose.

The winners are:

  • Joy Bakken
  • Juliette Awua-Kyerematen

Erika Victor, a member of our community, is donating a few of her favorite things, including a collection of pens and teas. The winner of Erika’s prize is Maureen Ingram.

Another one of our community members, Carrie Hepburn, is donating a Tree of Life Writing Journal to a slicer. The winner of Carrie’s prize is Emily Culbertson.

Speaking of Emily (and know that the selections were made with a random number generator), many thanks to Emily Culbertson who is donating the Encyclopedia of Me: My Life from A-Z by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, a notebook, and two packs of InkJoy pens. The winner of Emily’s prize is Mark McTeague.

The Spirit of the Challenge Prize

And finally… drumroll please… we have the Spirit of the Challenge Prize. Several people were nominated for this prize, and every one of the nominations embodies the spirit of this challenge through their slices, their comments, and their overall welcoming and mentoring spirit.

A huge thank you to the Highlights Foundation! They are providing $1,000 toward a qualifying workshop or Unworkshop. If you ever have a chance to experience a workshop, take it!

The winner of the Spirit of the Challenge is Fran Haley. If you don’t know Fran, please join us on Tuesdays or in 2021 so you can read her beautiful posts and receive some of her soul-warming comments.

And that’s a wrap on the prizes for the memorable 2020 Slice of Life Story Challenge. Thank you to sponsors and congratulations to winners.

21 thoughts on “Slice of Life Story Challenge 2020: Prize Reveal

  1. Congratulations to all the prize winners, and that you to Two Writing Teachers for making it possible and keeping us going as our world unraveled over the course of March. Writing every day was much better therapy than hiding under the covers and panicking!


  2. Thank you to the amazing panel that makes up Two Writing Teachers. Every year slicing is better than the last, even amidst these times. Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks for making this experience so meaningful, time after time. Until we meet again!


  3. Congratulations to the prize winners and a big thank you to all the generous donors. A big shout out to Fran Haley for winning the Highlights Foundation prize. 👏 👏 👏 The Highlight’s Foundation is such a magical place, and I know Fran will have a life-changing experience when she attends a workshop.


  4. Y’all. Happy tears today – the first in a while.
    So grateful to be part of this amazing community and the joy you give.
    Writing’s more of a lifeline now than ever. Keep on writing and sharing bravely.

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  5. Congratulations everyone! #sol20 Thank you for this opportunity. Being able to share in the thoughts of other writers has helped me write as well as respond. Take care everyone!


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