The Six Week Check-in

Many of us are fast approaching the sixth week of school. Many of us consider that the first of countless milestones in our school year. Six weeks in, routines are beginning to solidify, and we see signs of a coalescing community in our classrooms. Six weeks in, we  are building rapport and connections with our students. We have a sense for each one’s strengths and struggles, as well as their joys and frustrations.

Six weeks in is a great time to sit back (briefly), take stock, and think about making tweaks and revisions. It’s a time to celebrate what has begun to grow, what we’ve accomplished so far, and what we’ve learned about, and with, our students.

Six weeks in is a good time to check in about writing workshop. It’s time to ask ourselves, and our students, “How’s it going?”

  • How’s it going with building a community of writers?
  • How’s it going with getting to know the writers in our classroom?
  • How’s it going with helping writers discover their writer identity?
  • How’s it going with transitions?
  • How’s it going with minilessons and small group instruction?
  • How’s it going with helping writers build stamina?
  • How’s it going with sharing and celebrating?
  • How’s it going with notebook keeping?
  • How’s it going with record keeping?
  • How’s it going with our own writing?

Six weeks in is a time to choose two or three things to focus on in our writing workshop. It’s an opportunity to set next goals, and make plans to zoom in and strengthen some part of our workshops.

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Six weeks in, we’ve had plenty of good times,  and probably a few tough moments in our classrooms. It’s a great time to take a breath, and feel pride in the strides we’ve made with our writers.

We’re almost six weeks in. Onward!