Going Digital #BeBrave

True confessions of an old school teacher…well, old school in the “paper pencil” sense of the phrase.

I have tried. Every year for the past four years I have tried to go digital. There are so many advantages to going digital. I’ve read them all. You can look right here on Two Writing Teachers and find a slew of posts on digital notetaking. Seriously, here and here for starters! I look at my digital friends, many of whom are co-authors here, and think, why can’t I do it?

Then I am reminded of the many times I have told other writing teachers, do what works for you! If you gain the information that you need from your system then that is all that matters (and I do truly believe this). However, every year, I sit here and think, Maybe I could gain more. Maybe it would actually be easier. I have my current system of note-taking down to a science. I take monitoring notes frequently alongside my conferring notes. I look for patterns, make plans, and learn from my students. It is super comfortable. What I don’t get to do though, I don’t get to take photos and input them right into my notes. I can’t record a bit of conversation right inside my note-taking because my clipboard isn’t compatible with that kind of high tech software. It has a spot for my pen, notes, and a few other cool compartments but it’s a bit limited in the voice-recording department. I can’t take a picture of my student’s smiling face when I congratulate her on punctuating dialogue correctly. I can write it down but recording the moment via photo might be pretty powerful.

So here I am, twelve days from looking at my students, and I’m thinking, maybe this is the year. I’m hoping it is. Wish me luck!

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