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Looking Forward

Most of July was hot and sticky in Pennsylvania. I had a concussion and was put on “brain rest” & “physical rest,” which was excruciatingly boring (but helpful). My computer, on its last breaths for awhile, finally died. Needless to say, good-bye to July and welcome August!
Fall is always a busy time in our house due to professional obligations and religious observances. The weeks ahead will be busy, but I think they’ll be wonderful. Here’s what I’m looking forward to…

This week:

  • Learning at the TCRWP August Writing Institute — I’ll be taking “Staff Development in Writing: Methods That Maximize Growth” with Annie Taranto and “Reading-Writing Connections Can Spur Revision” with Carl Anderson.
  • Spending evenings with my parents.
  • Seeing my extended NY family who I haven’t seen since last summer.
  • Meeting up with Bonnie Kaplan and Tara Smith for lunch!
  • Getting together with some of the kids who were in my final fifth grade class when I taught in Manhattan. (They’ll be seniors this fall!)
  • Participating in Cathy Mere and Mandy Robek’s Picture Book 10 for 10!
This month:
  • Setting-up my new PC, which will arrive this week.
  • Enjoying the bounty of farm-fresh tomatoes by making gazpacho.
  • Visiting to Ogunquit for some much-needed r&r.
  • Taking advantage of back to school supply sales.
  • Catching up with Slicers’ blogs.
  • Resuming my regular exercise and writing schedules.
This fall:
  • Celebrating the Jewish high holidays with family. (Though Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur technically occur in late summer.)
  • Walking in a Walk for Children with Apaxia of Speech.
  • Picking apples and visiting the pumpkin patch with my family.
  • Beginning a new writing project.
  • Working with and learning from other local educators.
  • Speaking at the Keystone State Reading Association Conference in State College with Ruth.
  • Learning from other educators at NCTE in Boston.
  • Hosting my fifth Thanksgiving dinner, which coincides with the first night of Chanukah this year!
What are you eagerly anticipating this week, this month, and this fall?

7 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. Stacey, I hope you can slow down and rest a bit longer. Pushing yourself is good but letting your self heal is even better.

    I love the idea of Looking forward – what excites you! I retired this summer and spend time feeling lost. I was looking back. Now I have turned a corner and am looking ahead to what will be my “encore” career. Writing, walking, and connecting with learners in new ways!

    Enjoy the coming of fall!


    1. First day back in the action was hard, Joanne. An early bedtime is definitely in order tonight and every night this week!

      Enjoy your retirement. I cannot wait to read more about it in the months to come.


  2. Busy, busy schedule Stacey, but what fun it sounds, from the PD to meeting with family & Bonnie & Tara, to the holidays, and on. I’m starting to meet with some teachers, but we won’t be ‘official’ until after the middle of the month. I’m looking forward to a routine again, having just had my brother visit and just back from a wonderful beach vacation with my family, it’s time to hang out at home doing writing and reading and school! I’m glad you are better, and back in your computer world-enjoy the new pc!


  3. Stacey, I hope you are feeling better. You have a busy schedule to attend to. I am anticipating the start of our school year this week! I don’t remember ever starting before my birthday which is on the 11th. Our teachers are all in a tizzy over yet another major curriculum shift. I am hoping once again to commit my students to daily reading and writing. The results occur when they practice everyday. And sometimes they grow in spite of the curriculum. I am really hoping August will fly by because it is so oppressively hot with no hope of reprieve. We can at least hope for cooler temps in September. Welcome back. We’ve missed you.


      1. Stacey, I’m so sad to be missing you at TCRWP by a week. I will be there next week. I like the idea of your “This week, this month, this fall” list. This is an excellent way to create focus on the routines and habits we want to continue as we go back into the classroom. I hope you continue to heal! Happy August!


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