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Nudging Joy: A Student Group

A study group presentation for Lukancic Middle School.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the things I know because I write. I’ve been keeping a little list of these ideas as a crude plan for an article about the topic. When Christy Rush-Levine invited me to lead a study group at her school, she suggested the topic of being a teacher who writes

I’ve been mulling this idea around for a few weeks. I am passionate about teachers being writers, but I wondered what to say about it. Last weekend I spent some time thinking. It’ll be a very good thing to consider what we know because we write, as well as find out what churns out as we put words on the page.

One more thing…here is the professional development in action that Deb Gaby and I led this morning at Milford School.

And here is a picture of Deb and me thinking about the thinking.

I’m posting these as a promise to write more about it soon.

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