Ruth’s OLW: Reflection 2011 + Word 2012.

First a little reflection on OLW ’11…

Ruth's 2011 One Little Word

I chose this word because I felt like it encompassed everything in my life. The list of words in the tape along the bottom of the image, shows the connections I was interested in making. I was surprised to find the online connections I make just as integral as the connections I make in person. It was also neat to connect in person with some people that I only know online. As expected, in order to have deep connections, I have to be intentional and think of ways to connect and build relationships.

What I realized, though, at the end of the year is how all the different elements of my life are woven together. Sometimes my life feels so compartmentalized. I’m a teacher in that town, a mom in this town, a daughter over there, and a sister in another place.  I’m a teacher on this blog, a writer on that blog, a mom on another blog. I’m a reader in that group, a Sunday school teacher for this group, a writer in another group, a leader for bible study, a follower for that committee.

My word, CONNECT, taught me that I’m all of those things all of the time. I don’t have to make such an effort to compartmentalize because it’s okay being all of me all the time.

And now for OLW ’12…

Ruth's OLW for 2012: Salt.

I knew I wanted a noun this year. I toyed with STORY, but decided it is a word that is already threaded into my being. I think I have a lot to learn from SALT, making it a perfect word for me. To read more about my decision, check out my post on Ruth Ayres Writes.