A Visual Reminder

Wellness was my one little word in 2009.  I knew I needed some sort of daily reminder to help me keep myself focused on promoting wellness in my life.  Therefore, I turned to Etsy and had someone create an image with a quote about wellness that I could frame and place on the desk in my home office.  Three years later, the frame is still sitting on my desk, reminding me to continue to take time to keep myself healthy.  I leave it displayed in my office so that I can continue to live by that one little word, even though it’s not my present focus.  (I got really good at “wellness” in 2009 by cooking more at home, getting eight hours of sleep at night, and by doing Pilates three times a week.)

I purchased this framed doodle from Homegrown Hospitality's Etsy Shop. Unfortunately, it no longer exists. Therefore, I had to search for a new designer to visually capture my OLW. Details follow below.
This image was created by Simply Fresh Designs (http://www.simplyfreshdesigns.com).

This year, I’ve chosen the word wonder as my one little word.  I think this word will really help me to see the world in new ways.  I also think that wondering more will help me to become a better writer.  Therefore, in order to help me remind myself of my OLW, I wanted to have someone create an image (Secret is out: I’m not the one behind the header on TWT; that would be Ruth.) that I could hang frame and put on my desk in my office.  Therefore, I went to Etsy.com and did a search for “one little word.”  I found quite a few graphic artists out there who were making artwork out of people’s OLWs.  The one I liked most was Simply Fresh DesignsSubway Art Poster that arrives a digital file.  I contacted Heather, who is the person behind Simply Fresh Designs, and she created a special file for me to post on Two Writing Teachers so you can take a look at my OLW for 2012 + a quote I found that reflects the word wonder.

Finally, if you’re not up for framed artwork, then consider something concrete.  Diana (aka: the writer of the One Literacy Coach Blog) chose thread as her one little word for 2012.  (Learn more about her word by clicking here.)  She found a mason jar and filled it with different colored spools of thread from her grandmother’s sewing box.  This jar will serve as her visual reminder to help her remember to live by her one little word this year.

How will you keep your one little word top of mind this year?


7 thoughts on “A Visual Reminder

  1. This idea of a visual reminder for one’s OLW is beginning to grow on me…I love the simplicity of your’s, Stacey…and I also agree with Annie – “wonder” is he perfect OLW for a new parent!


  2. I created my own button for my blog, which I printed out to display by my desk and my husband had my new ipod shuffle engraved for me (as I wrote about in my slice of life), but I am still searching for more ideas. Maybe I will get even craftier… you got me thinking. I think I would like a visual reminder at school.


  3. I love your word because it connects to so much you write about both personally & professionally. Between you and Diana, I guess I’ll start looking for a good visual to remind me. Both are wonderful. Thanks, Stacey.


  4. I chose the word Connect. I am taking Ali Edwards class to help me reflect on my word. I like the idea of having a visual. I will look into Etsy to see what I can find because I am not that creative myself.


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